I’ve taken hundreds of flights over the years, so I must be a pro by now right? At least that’s what I always tell myself when I book an overnight flight and then pack my schedule for the day that I’m arriving – it doesn’t matter because of course I’m going to sleep the whole way, so used to flying that I am.

Yet here I sit at 3 am, on my third really bad in-flight movie too hyped up on duty free chocolate to think about trying to get some sleep.

I’m maybe not that great at this travel thing. But I compensate by telling myself that I am, that I’ve totally got this. I might tell myself a few other white lies too.

Travel confessions: these are some of the lies I tell myself about travel - do you recognize any of them?

Sleeping at an airport is a good idea

I don’t sleep at airports as often now as I did in my backpacking days, but every once in a while when I have a late arrival and early departure I decide that it won’t be worth the hassle to get a hotel room.

It is always worth the hassle to get a hotel room. While trying to save money is a pretty good excuse for a poor night’s sleep, not bothering to get a hotel is a good excuse to spend all night hating my dumb, lazy self.

sleeping gatwick airport

I’ll totally go out and do stuff my first evening in a place

Sleep always wins.

I won’t get jet lag this time

Sleep always wins.

I need to pack this super cute, yet totally impractical outfit

In fact pretending that I’m going to wear anything but that same one pair of jeans and one dress is just foolish.

I’m going to get loads of work/reading/trip planning done on the airplane

Like how I was going to finish this blog post on the airplane but instead am typing it up in my hotel’s restaurant so I can get back to the beach!

I’m going to brush up on my French, Russian, or whatever language I need before my trip

Before coming to the Comoros I did the French placement test on Duolingo, but I think I only actually completed three lessons after that. I definitely regretted not being a better language student when someone asked me in French how I was enjoying Moheli and what I had done here, and I could only answer, “I saw whale, I’m scared.”

I’m definitely brushing up on my Japanese (spoiler!!) for my next trip though, I swear.

Seriously though.

Like really.

I’m going to eat healthy and do Pilates in my hotel room every night

When I’m traveling I always indulge in all the yummy food because I know I’ll eat healthier when I get home, except once I get home I have to indulge in all the yummy food I couldn’t get while abroad – but it doesn’t matter because soon I’ll be off on another trip, where I’ll be super active and get tons of exercise.


I’m going to wake up early every morning


This time I won’t be whatever I’m currently feeling insecure about

I don’t know why I tell myself I’ll become a totally different person while abroad, because I never do. And hello, that’s okay!

I won’t miss Dan at all

Ugh this one is so dumb. I’m perfectly happy to plan trips without Dan – I’ve been on something like seven 2-3 week trips without him this year – but I haven’t yet figured out how to keep myself from missing him every single day I’m away. Gross.

I’m definitely coming back here

This is one of the lies I have to tell myself, otherwise I would never manage to leave any of my new favorite places (aka pretty much everywhere I visit).

Of course I hope that I do make it back to all the places I’ve loved, and I have been to some of my favorite places over and over, but my mission to never leave a place for the last time is doomed to fail.

moheli sunset comoros africa


What about you?

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