By train she traveled from Milano,
Ending up in Verona,
The city of Shakespeare,
The city of love

Wandering around romantic alleys,
Containing untold love stories,
Where balconies covered in flowers.
Line the cobblestone streets

Piazza delle Erbe,
Full with markethalls,
Locals having aperitivo,
Glasses clink,

Unwinding with a cappuccino,
Surrendering to the slow life,

Discovering scret gardens,
Castles and Roman ruins,
Walls full of love letters,
Written for Juliette

Sunshine glistening,
On the river,

Underneath the Ponte Pietra

Evening strolls,
Summer nights,
Vespa’s with lovers,
Passing by

Verona is,
Not only a feast for the eyes,
But one for the soul.

Flowers Italy

Verona travel

Verona travel

Romantic street Verona

Verona travel

Italian houses

Verona travel

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