Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a travel photographer and blogger originally from England but in recent years have lived in Toronto, Canada as well as Vienna, Austria. I enjoy snowboarding, movies, video games and weightlifting. I would say I am an outdoor person and love to be outside, walking, hiking and exploring.


How did you get into travel photography?

During my travels in the past I was taking lots of bad photographs, such as wonky, bad composition, awful exposure etc and realised I needed to improve. I read books, magazines and practiced a lot and then just progressed from there.


Was your decision to become a serious travel photographer in any way influenced by Instagram?

I’d probably say no. I was inspired to get into travel photography way before I even started using Instagram. It was actually through reading the books “Lonely Planet Travel photography by Richard I’Anson” as well as most of the books in the series “Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die by Steve Davey”. Looking at the work they have done in their lives and reading about their experiences I found very inspiring.


Out of all the photos you have taken, do you have a personal favourite?

This Hallstatt picture is probably one of my favourites. After being inspired to visit Hallstatt after seeing pictures on social media I knew it was a place I wanted to go. I planned to go in the Autumn but was worried that the leaves may have all fallen by the time I arrived. I got lucky though and on arriving was welcomed by stunning colours everywhere I looked.



I understand you will be focusing on blogging and photography full time in 2017. Can you tell us more?

During my stay in Austria I was working part time at a school, I have now left that position to pursue my projects in blogging and photography. In 2017 I will be focusing more on content creation in photography for agencies and brands, as well as content for my blog ( which is designed to provide useful travel information and photography advice to other travellers and explorers out there.


Are there a list of places that you intend to visit in 2017?

I’m hoping to visit various places in south east Asia, as well as more of Canada in 2017, most of which aren’t 100% confirmed yet. At the start of the year I travelled to Estonia and Latvia, and I also have two ski trips planned in Tyrol and Gastein. I intend to spend the majority of the year travelling so hopefully I will be sharing some interesting adventures through my social media channels and blog.


With so many travel bloggers out there, which single quality would you consider to have set you apart?

I think I have a desire to succeed in travel blogging and photography, and I am constantly trying new methods to find things that are working. I currently re-invest a lot of my income on my blogging, photography and travel so hoping this will work out. Others have said I have a good eye for photography too so hopefully that sets me a bit apart from a lot of other bloggers who’s skills may be more on the writing side of things than the photography.


Do you see travel blogging as a sustainable source of income?

Hopefully down the line, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work, but hopefully the amount of time I put into it will pay off eventually.


What single piece of advice would you offer to someone who is aspiring to become a travel blogger?

Understand that it takes a lot of hard work, but if you are serious and really enjoy it then you should definitely give it a shot.


Thank you for taking time off your busy travel schedule for this quick question and answer session that I am sure many will find helpful, is there anything else that you may want to add?

Thanks for reading, feel free to follow me on Instagram @mikecleggphoto, Twitter or Facebook and also visit my blog to see more of my travel adventures.


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