Home to some of the most luxurious spas in the world and renowned for their firm yet soothing massage technique, Bali is often referred to as the spa capital of Asia. Given the vast number of spas in Bali, it is unsurprising that many often have difficulty in deciding which spa to visit. Spas in branded hotels are frequented by celebrities and are usually the choice for tourists who are at a lost as to which spa they should go to for a treatment, but these spas are often over crowded and do not offer the intimate, cozy and traditional atmosphere that smaller boutique spas are able to offer.

Personally, a spa session is more than just having a good massage, it is a time where your mind is left to wander and explore your deeper consciousness, it is a time where you free yourself from all the troubles and worries from your daily life and drift into a state of pure bliss. All this would only be possible if everything about the spa session itself is perfect: a skilled therapist, a relaxing interior, appropriate music and professional service.


Upon arrival at Spassion in Nusa Dua, I was warmly greeted and welcomed by two staff who escorted me to the reception where I was offered a beverage of my choice. I opted for Ice tea and proceeded to select my treatment from their menu. The interior of the main reception area was furnished with wood and cloth and had a very traditional Indonesian finish, making me feel as though I was in a luxury spa in the middle of a rain forest. The wide variety of spa packages and massages offered at Spassion left me spoilt for choice and I decided to ask the staff for their top recommendations. A knowledgeable therapist then started explaining all the different packages and massages in detail, including the background and cultural relevance of each element of the spa package. After enjoying my Iced tea and cooling down from the humid tropical weather, I opted for the Heavenly Bali treatment.

A Balinese corridor leading to some of the treatment rooms

A Balinese corridor leading to some of the treatment rooms

The Spa

Within five minutes, the room was ready and I was escorted by the therapist who introduced herself to me and took me on a mini tour around the beautiful and traditionally decorated spa. I couldn’t resist taking several photos of the spa as most spas have become rather commercialised and have lost a sense of tradition, which Spassion still retains.

The treatment room

The treatment room

As mentioned earlier, what really makes Spassion stand out from other spas is its genuinely traditional and luxurious furnishing and professional and friendly staff. The therapist led me to my treatment room and left me to change into my spa robe, she also offered to bring me another drink, this time I could not decide whether I wanted another cup of Ice tea or a glass of refreshing orange juice, the therapist told me that she would just bring me both instead. I was amazed and slightly embarrassed for having asked for so much, but at the same time, I felt pampered and knew that personal assistance was available at any moment. 

Within five minutes, the therapist returned with a tray carrying both my drinks and she politely knocked on the door to check if I was changed and ready for the treatment.

The Treatment

The treatment began with a foot scrub, I really liked the fact that they used a wooden bowl which adds to the traditional atmosphere and that the salt was not too coarse so that my feet would not be over exfoliated. 

Next, I laid down on the bed and the heavenly massage began. At this point, I was exhausted from all the landscape shooting (I woke up at 3 am that day to shoot the sunrise in some remote location and was still adjusting to the jet lag). The skillful and experienced therapist made sure that everything was alright and asked if the volume of music was fine and checked that the pressure she was applying was appropriate. As usual, I usually ask for a slightly heavier massage and requested that she applied more pressure. Despite the therapist’s petite figure, she skillfully massaged my back with the perfect amount of pressure and I felt the tension in my muscles ease almost instantly. It is at times like this that I realise how much I need a massage.

It wasn’t long before I drifted off into sleep but not for long. I found myself in a state of semi-consciousness which I rarely experience. I felt at peace and a sense of calm and security left me feeling nothing more than pure bliss. Long massage sessions can sometimes get boring but during this session, I felt that time was almost non-existent and time drifted by so quickly it wasn’t long before it was time for me to turn over for the second part of the massage.

After the massage, it was time for the body scrub. I am usually skeptical and wary of body scrubs because of the sensitive nature of my skin. Some have left my skin peeling and red, but on that particular day I felt so relaxed I had forgotten about that and thankfully I agreed to and proceeded with the body scrub. My skin instantly felt soft and supple and had an enviable glow to it after the non abrasive scrubbing techniques used by the therapist sloughed off all the dead skin.

The last part of the treatment included a flower bath, and selfie addicts rest assured, you will be given plenty of time to snap that perfect shot! I usually feel harassed and inconvenienced as it seems like it is standard practice across many spas to constantly remind their guests of the time. The flowers were divine and the water temperature was just perfect, I felt as though I was floating in a river in the middle of a forest filled with blooming flowers. At Spassion, after being offered another drink for the bath, I was left completely at peace to relax and in fact, I got out of the bath myself as I felt that I have had enough. The staff informed me that she would be at my assistance if I were to require anything but not once was I reminded about the time. 

The beautiful flower bath

The beautiful flower bath



Overall experience: 5/5

Treatment: 5/5

The Spa: 5/5

Staff service: 5/5

Location: 4/5 (Nusa Dua area)

Price: 5/5

Luxury factor: 4/5


I highly recommend this spa to anyone who is looking for a traditional, authentic and luxurious spa experience in Bali and I can’t wait to return to the spa to live the experience again.

Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai ( Next to Taman Mumbul Real Estate ), Nusa Dua – Bali – Indonesia

Opening hours: 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. 

Phone +62 361 777661-2 / 772434 Fax +62 361 772439

Email: info@spassion-bali.com



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